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STRIKE WATCH: What you need to know
Check for services still open and updates on the city workers' strike in our Town Hall guide

Federal frugality costing Games: alliance
Don’t expect any extra banners, flags and decorations or advertising hype about the Canada Summer Games — there’s no money.

Queen Mother celebrates 101st
LONDON — The Queen Mother, her spirits undimmed by recent illness, chatted happily yesterday with many of the thousands of admirers who gathered to celebrate her 101st birthday.

Former foundry workers to sue
SARNIA — Unhappy and ill from what they claim is unheeded health damage from asbestos exposure, former Holmes Foundry workers and neighbours want to sue federal, provincial and local governments for $500 million.

Caribana’s reputation crossing borders
TORONTO — When 13-year-old Razia Walli goes back to New Jersey, what will she tell her friends about Caribana?

Queen Mum marks 101st
Hers is a life that has spanned a century of modern history.

Billions of aphid bugs threatening soy crops
Billions of tiny green aphids have become a gigantic problem for Southwestern Ontario's drought-plagued soybean growers.

Prince Charles leaves hospital after being knocked unconscious in polo fall
Prince Charles left the hospital, a day after falling from his horse and losing consciousness during a charity polo match.

Opening ceremonies feature music, glitter, history lesson
With eight days to the Canada Summer Games opening ceremonies and more than 2,000 tickets still available for the event, Games organizers cracked the lid of secrecy on the opening night gala.

Fast fire causes $30,000 damage
A London woman returned home to discover a fire had started soon after she left the house with her three children and the family cat.

Ferry across Erie planned for fall
A seafaring businessperson with a multi-million-dollar plan to establish a ferry route between Port Stanley and the United States says ships could set sail as early as the fall.

Camera under surveillance
Ontario's Information and Privacy Commission says police are within the law to use a camera to monitor a London Hells Angels clubhouse.

Survivor recounts Snowbird collision
Only twice -- for fractions of a second as he struggled to stay afloat with excruciating injuries -- did Sgt. David Wilson think he might die.

Angels allege privacy breach
The Hells Angels say they're being illegally monitored by police and they've put up a message on the billboard outside their York Street clubhouse to protest.

Aylmer seven relishing normal home life
Toys sprinkle the yard now.

Driest July
The London area's brown lawns and parched crops tell the story of July's record-breaking dry weather.

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This Month's Special Reports

End of an era
Canada Trust, which taught the big banks a thing or two about retail banking, begins a new chapter.

SMOG ALERT: Small solutions to a major problem
Reducing air pollution can be as simple as making sure your car’s tires are inflated correctly.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
It’s a pretty town, a friendly town.

'Tonight someone is going to die'
A four-week coroner's inquest into the shooting death of David Melzer has ended.

Case exposes city’s dark side
The man known as Clifford Pogue finished an overtime shift and settled into his apartment over a scuba diving shop.

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Streets under construction in London:

This Week's Opinions

Dark clouds stay away from this guy
"There's nothing to doing the weather," said my friend, the journalism professor.

AT CITY HALL: Negotiating games threaten Canada Games
And so a pall has settled over the city.

Garbage collectors will meet you halfway
We bought our riverside home during a 1982 slump in the real estate market.

AT CITY HALL: Stonehenge opened, not a Druid in sight
"Was that a graveyard we just drove through, Maude?"

Summer dog days are dangerous
I used to secretly watch the boy each day, sitting a few seats ahead of me on the school bus.

AT CITY HALL: Give Londoners accurate numbers
There's a much better way for city hall to demonstrate whether the demands of its striking outside workers are fair and reasonable.

AT CITY HALL: Stonehenge, the strike and sombreros
This week’s edition of the city hall notebook is a veritable bonanza for tourists.

Vets victims of bungling bureaucrats
Every year, governments in this country spend billions of tax dollars equipping themselves with the fanciest computer gadgetry other people’s money can buy.

Let’s weed out those Marxist polluters
The most remarkable thing about the moving riots known as anti-globalization protests is how seriously many adults and the media take them.

Teen rebels, another place, another time
It was April Fool's Day -- and a wonderfully warm and sunny one at that. In fact, from our first-floor, Grade 12 English classroom it was the kind of irresistible day that beckoned youths, awash in a spring cocktail of idleness and testosterone.

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This Week's Sports

Werewolves lose their bite
The London Werewolves sailed through the first four innings last night.

Jays throw Hamilton out
Joey Hamilton believes his surgically repaired pitching shoulder has something left to give.

'Wolves hitters feast on Otters
The struggling London Werewolves offence found its bite last night.

Carter signs a six-year, $94-million US contract extension with Raptors
Vince Carter made his decision to remain a Toronto Raptor much the way he plays — with his instincts, and with grace.

Astacio to Astros, Urbina to Red Sox in deadline deals
Pedro Astacio, Ugueth Urbina and a bevy of bullpen arms changed teams, with pitching at a premium as contenders scrambled to beat baseball's trade deadline.

Raptors to sink claws in Carter
The window to keep Vinsanity in Toronto for years to come opens tomorrow.

Eddie vows his Majors will return
Arden Eddie says his mom and dad didn't raise a quitter.

American cyclist Lance Armstrong wins third straight Tour de France
Lucky for Lance Armstrong that he was wearing the brilliant yellow jersey of the Tour de France leader.

Rascals sweep ’Wolves
The London Werewolves’ latest slump has manager Bruce Gray wondering if his team can buy a break.

Games will be 'great,' McBean predicts
Now is not the time to panic over a slump in 2001 Canada Summer Games ticket sales, Olympic gold-medal rower Marnie McBean says.

'Keep focus on Games'
Canada Summer Games organizers want Londoners to start thinking tickets, not pickets.

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This Week's Top Lifestyle Stories

The pleasures of the Pinery
PINERY PROVINCIAL PARK — “When I was a kid” is one of the most commonly heard phrases here.

TABLE FOR TWO: At Richie's, he's just Joe
From Monday to Thursday, they call him Mr. Fontana.

Office wear with a casual flair
Summer heat and humidity can cause a fashion meltdown, leaving many men uncertain about how casually they can dress for work and what clothes are truly office appropriate.

Nutritionist offers food for thought
Harvard's Dr. Walter Willett may not be able to show his face among nutritionists once he gets on the circuit to talk about his new book, Eat, Drink and Be Healthy (Simon and Schuster).

A tale of two cities
The view from a London bridge is always refreshing.

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This Week's Top Entertainment Stories

Whether it's the air in the balloons, the ribs on the grill or the new movies in city theatres, things are heating up this weekend in London

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THU.-MON.: Rib-Fest and Hot Air Balloon Festival event information

Chemical pairing creates great comedic Rush (Hour 2)
Crackling chemistry: Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker have it big time.

Just monkeying around
It's part of Mark Wahlberg's cocky "street" upbringing that he enjoys digging into people he likes.

The sound of Cynthia
Cynthia Dale had to climb a few emotional mountains before she agreed to star in The Sound of Music.

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More entertainment stories

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This Week's Top Business Stories

Traveller complaints over airline service reach new altitude, figures suggest
Airline passenger anger is growing, suggest figures for the first seven months of this year compiled by a federal agency tracking customer complaints.

Appeal court denies Microsoft request for antitrust 'commingling' rehearing
An appeals court refused to reconsider its decision that Microsoft illegally mingled its Windows operating system and Internet browser, handing the software giant a setback in its four-year-old antitrust battle with the government.

Air Canada cutting 4,000 more jobs after losing $108 million in Q2
Air Canada is eliminating 4,000 more jobs as part of a multi-pronged plan to get back in the black by next year and keep customers happy.

No way to predict when economy will pick up again, finance minister says
Finance Minister Paul Martin says that while he's confident the Canadian and U.S. economies will recover from the current slowdown, it's "a mug's game" to try to predict when that might happen.

Plenty of economic news this week, but little of it good, say analysts
Expect a mixed bag of economic news this week, analysts warn: from not very good, to not so bad, to really quite bad.

Rewarding excellence
Two metres.

Market regulators fine Air Canada more than $1 million for early disclosure
Air Canada has been fined more than $1 million in settling a disclosure case with stock market regulators in Ontario and Quebec, who accused the airline of giving 13 analysts an early warning of lower profits last fall.

JDS Uniphase loses $50.6 billion US in fiscal year, will cut 7,000 more jobs
JDS Uniphase Corp. will cut 7,000 more jobs worldwide, including an unspecified number in Canada, as the world's biggest supplier of fibre-optic components grapples with an industry slowdown that spawned a staggering $50.6-billion US loss in the past year.

OPEC agrees to cut output
In a surprisingly swift move, OPEC cut its oil production to sop up rising worldwide supplies and prop up sagging prices.

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London teen going global

London's 13-year-old Keith Peiris is having a growth spurt -- but of a different kind than most kids might experience.

That's because London-based Cyberteks Design, the Web site company he's president and chief executive officer of, is going global.

Keith says Cyberteks Design will launch a full production office in Zhangmutou, a Chinese city just north of Hong Kong this August.

"We also plan to have a full-fledged production office in New York within the next 12 months," said the St. Bernadette's Catholic elementary school pupil, who just finished Grade 7. "It's really exciting."

Regardless of this growth, Keith says he's staying put at home in London where the company's headquarters will remain.

"We have many potential contracts. We have many potential investors. But we have no plans of dumping Canada," he said. "I will stay here no matter what happens. The headquarters will stay in London."

Keith, who went to China as the youngest member of the Team Canada trade mission along with Prime Minister Jean Chretien, is also continuing to mingle with the business elite on the international level.

He and his father, Deepal, are leaving today for China for the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation Youth Festival, where 10 chief executives under 40 will represent their country. Keith will also attend the Nov. 6 World Productivity Conference in Hong Kong where he — along with former U.S. president George Bush Sr. — will be the keynote speakers.

"This is great," Deepal said. "To go to this level in two years by any standard is a great achievement."

The company, which employs five full-time and five part-time employees, also has sales representatives all over North America.

"But we are hoping to hire new people in the next few months," Deepal said.

But no matter how modern the technology is that allows this company to grow, Deepal says the secret to its success is old-fashioned.

"Hard work, hard work, by us as well as our employees, that's all."

Stephanie Cesca is a Free Press reporter.


 E-MAIL: Stephanie Cesca

by Stephanie Cesca
The London Free Press
Keith Peiris, 12, seen in this 1999 file photo, is the president and CEO of Cyberteks Design an online company that designs Web sites for companies that want an Internet presence. Peiris will soon move his company headquarters out of his parents' London, Ont. basement to New York. — Suzanne Bird, LFP


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