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Last updated Thursday, 29-Jun-00 05:29:54

Private sector holds key to centre

The public sector praised the coming of the London Biotechnology Incubator yesterday, but many people said it will be the private sector that ensures the centre's success.

Representatives of three levels of government joined members of the scientific and academic communities at the unveiling of the LBI's plans.

London computer whiz-kid already giving back

His elementary school principal says Keith Peiris is "just like any other Grade 6 student."

But, no matter what St. Bernadette's Catholic school principal Steve Szabo thinks of Peiris, the differences between the 12-year-old and other pupils his age were obvious at an awards ceremony yesterday at Northdale elementary school.

Ottawa to open up telecom market

Swapping e-mail by mobile phone and using other Internet-related services will soon be faster and perhaps cheaper, Industry Minister John Manley said yesterday.

The federal government is opening the telecommunications market to increased competition, allowing more companies to bid for licences to link mobile phones to the Internet and improve existing services.

Amway lays off 48 London employees

Worldwide restructuring has caused the layoff of about 20 per cent of London-based Amway of Canada Ltd.'s workforce.

"We've just undergone what's been deemed globalization," Amway administrator of public relations and communications Angela Abdallah said yesterday.

TSE solidifies high-tech listing requirements

Mindful of the high-tech juggernaut that has propelled the Toronto Stock Exchange to historic highs this year, the TSE's board released strict outlines yesterday for companies vying to be tomorrow's tech stock stars.

"This is really setting some criteria into this area and helping to formalize what has been the practice in the past," TSE spokesperson Steve Kee said.

Invest in finding the right adviser

Who do you trust with your money?

Choosing the right financial dealer or adviser to help you invest for the future often requires an investment of your personal time.

Oracle admits hiring detectives to investigate Microsoft allies

Oracle Corp. chairperson Larry Ellison has defiantly acknowledged hiring a private investigator to probe "covert activities" by Microsoft Corp., saying his company was doing its civic duty.

"I feel very good about what we did," Ellison said yesterday, confirming Oracle hired Investigative Group International Inc. to spy on allies of rival Microsoft.

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