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macromedia site of the day

Macromedia Site of the Day

miscellaneous from macromedia show case
Digit London designed a distinctive Web site for MTV2 using Macromedia Flash and Macromedia FreeHand. Since relaunching, MTV2 has experienced a 30% increase in average visitor duration.
Smarterville Smarterville
Rigged with Macromedia Flash, Smarterville developed the Smarterville Activity Center, a fast-loading, cross-platform, and scalable application that families can download, play with, and then upload to Smarterville for analysis.
Yupo Corporation Yupo Corporation
Yupo Corporation deployed its Macromedia Flash site and has since realized a 50% increase in online sample orders, a boost in average visitor duration, and a 65% reduction in customer service calls.
Discovery.com Discovery.com
Combining storytelling with interactivity, Second Story relies on Macromedia Flash to create "Unwrapped- The Mysterious World of Mummies."
A subscription-based education site, FRABOOM relies on Macromedia Flash to create fast-loading animations that capture and retain student interest.
Jacob's Creek Jacob's Creek
Intoxicating wine enthusiasts around the world, Jacob's Creek taps Macromedia Flash and FreeHand to produce a sparkling site for wine lovers.
RealNames RealNames
Eyestorm Studios employed Macromedia Flash to build an attention-grabbing product demo for RealNames Corporation.
Jaguar Australia Jaguar Australia
Monde Online uses Macromedia Flash, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver to create a distinctive site for Jaguar Australia.
Media Revolution Media Revolution
Award-winning design firm, Media Revolution renovates its self-promotional site using Macromedia Flash.
Cobra Golf Cobra Golf
Cobra Golf uses Macromedia Flash to provide Web site visitors with an immersing product catalog, complete with printable product information and hypnotic audio soundtrack.
(Flash - Web printing)
IBM Annual Report IBM Annual Report
Engaging investors and shareholders, Elemental Interactive turns to Macromedia Flash to create IBM's award-winning online annual report.
Fig Leaf Software Fig Leaf Software
Developing an avatar-based chat application, Fig Leaf Software speeds forward with Macromedia Flash 5 ActionScript development tools, XML socket support, and precise vector illustration tools.
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Rolling the dice with Macromedia Flash, the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino rakes in a 100% increase in site traffic.
K-Swiss K-Swiss
Using Macromedia Flash, Nueweb Interactive enables K-Swiss to connect with consumers via 360-degree product models, exciting Macromedia Shockwave games, and popular music.
Airforce.com Airforce.com
Airforce.com, the official recruiting site for the U.S. Air Force, uses Macromedia Flash to create a high-impact site that attracts and informs young adults online.
Cysive, Inc. Cysive, Inc.
Authoring once for TV and the Web, Hillmancurtis.com used Macromedia Flash to produce broadcast-quality video for Cysive, Inc.
Sprint Sprint
Using Macromedia Flash, Sprint engages visitors with rich media e-business content that downloads quickly and plays smoothly.
The North Face The North Face
Redesigned in Macromedia Flash, The North Face site reaches new heights in site traffic and visitor retention.
Nike Nike
Enlisted by Nike.com, Second Story used Macromedia Flash to produce The Bill Bowerman Story—a captivating and memorable cinematic experience.
Etalent Agency Etalent Agency
Aspiring to dazzle and attract Web-wired clients and employees, Etalent Agency uses Macromedia Flash to deliver a rich and memorable user experience on the Web.
Xerox Corp. Xerox Corp.
Introducing products and services to customers online, Xerox Corporation creates virtual product demos using Macromedia Flash.
Blair Witch Store Blair Witch Store
Incorporating animation, MP3 audio, and action scripting, Click Active Media used Macromedia Flash to bring a cinematic atmosphere to online shopping.
K2 K2
K2 used Macromedia Flash to redesign K2sports.com and within three days experienced a 150% boost in site traffic and a 50% increase in the amount of time visitors spend on the site.
National Geographic National Geographic
A team of interactive storytellers, Terra Incognita brings the National Geographic Monterey Bay Kelp Forest to the Web using Macromedia FreeHand, Flash, and Dreamweaver.
Mandalay Mandalay
An entertainment media company, Mandalay launched the Macromedia Flash version of its site and soon experienced a 100% increase in traffic and a boost in consumer interest.
Land Rover Land Rover
A manufacturer of world-class four-wheel-drive vehicles, Land Rover employs Macromedia Flash to drive its products and services online.
Grokbot Grokbot
Discover the speed and beauty of Grokmobile, a searchable automobile information and referral site, designed in Macromedia Flash and optimized for hi-fi connections.
Ameritrade Ameritrade
Ameritrade uses Macromedia Flash to deliver a compelling presentation of the company's financial performance while featuring a dynamic glimpse of its high-level executives.
Kodak.com Kodak.com
Macromedia Flash gives Second Story the tools required to develop an engaging interactive experience for Kodak.com and helps to simplify the production process.
CNN Interactive CNN Interactive
Discover why CNN Interactive chose Macromedia Flash to produce Millennium, an interactive time capsule containing 1,000 years of history.
Utilizing Macromedia Flash, MSNBC.com integrates information design quickly and creatively to enhance breaking news and special reports.
Cyberteks Design Cyberteks Design
Already boasting three clients, 11-year-old Keith Peiris designs professional sites with Macromedia Flash.
Atom Films Atom Films
Visitors frequently stay on this independent film site for more than 15 minutes to enjoy a rich and immersive experience thanks to Macromedia Flash and Ingram Labs.
BMW Motorcycles BMW Motorcycles
BMW Motorcycles of North America utilizes Macromedia Flash's high-quality printing, enabling motorcycle enthusiasts the opportunity to print specifications and options data on demand.
(Flash - Web printing)
Maps.com Maps.com
Maps.com uses Macromedia Flash and FreeHand to display the direction or location of an area and allows visitors to print those maps seamlessly without launching a separate printing application.
(Flash - Web printing)
Sportsknee.com Sportsknee.com
With Macromedia Flash high-quality printing, hobblers to Sportsknee.com can walk away with a step-by-step manual on how knee replacement surgery unfolds in the operating room.
(Flash - Web printing)
Bridgestone/Firestone Bridgestone/Firestone
Now that Macromedia Flash enables seamless high-quality printing, tire dealers and consumers can print Bridgestone-Firestone product charts, warranty information, and racing news, direct from the B-F site.
(Flash - Web printing)
Ted Baker Ted Baker
Designing with Macromedia Flash, the UK fashion mavens at Ted Baker Online seamlessly deliver printable content.
(Flash - Web printing)
Rhythm2.com Rhythm2.com
Oven Digital utilizes Macromedia Flash's high-quality printing feature to deliver printable product literature, specifications, coupons, and receipts.
(Flash - Web printing)
Cameraworld.com Cameraworld.com
As easy as point and click, visitors to Cameraworld.com print high-quality product specifications and coupons using Macromedia Flash.
(Flash - Web printing)
Hewlett Packard Hewlett Packard
Hewlett-Packard's Flash-driven banner ad provides users with the ability to print high-quality brochures directly from the banner.
(Flash - Web printing)
Macys.com Macys.com
Macys.com achieved a 19% click-through by using a Macromedia Flash-enabled rich-media SUPERSTITIALї from Unicast.
Learn how KMGI increases its production sales by using Macromedia Flash.
Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company
Ford.com creates its Better Ideas Web site exclusively in Macromedia Flash.
Disney.com Disney.com
Find out how Disney uses Macromedia Flash to redesign its popular Web site.
Novell Novell
Find out how Novell increased their advertising effectiveness by using Macromedia Flash.