13-Year-Old London CEO to represent Canada at the APEC Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Forum in Beijing and Shanghai

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London, Ontario, Canada: June 23, 2001 - Pat O'Brien, the Member of Parliament and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for International Trade AND Cyberteks Design, A Division of Cyberteks Systems Corporation, jointly announced today that its President & CEO, 13 year old Keith Peiris, an internationally recognized and award winning web designer will join 9 other Canadian young (Under 40 years of age) leaders at the APEC Youth Forum scheduled to be held from July 9-14, 2001 in Beijing and Shanghai.

"I am very pleased to hear about this. I feel good when people recognize my work and leadership. I am thankful to the Government of Canada for recognizing my talents and selecting me out of hundreds of applicants. Furthermore, I would like to thank Mr. Pat O'Brien, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for International Trade and his staff for their tireless efforts." Said the Cyberteks Design President, 13-year-old Keith Peiris.

About the APEC Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Forum

Building Common Prosperity by Meeting Challenges of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs in the New Economy APEC leaders have emphasized that the revolution in information and communications technologies allows our economies to reach much higher levels of productivity and creates new demands for knowledge, entrepreneurship and innovation. An ambitious Action Agenda for the New Economy has been launched to enable economies to use these advances to boost growth and extend services to the whole community.

Against this backdrop, China and Canada are jointly sponsoring the APEC Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Forum in Beijing and Shanghai, July 9-14 2001. It will bring together leading young entrepreneurs and new economy leaders from 21 APEC economies to share experiences and consider how to strengthen the capacity for innovation, entrepreneurship, trade and investment by young people in APEC in the context of the new economy.

The APEC Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Forum reflects the economic, scientific and technological priorities of young leaders. Focusing on commonalties rather than differences between young leaders strengthens solidarity. The Forum will build critical leadership skills, create partnerships among participants from APEC economies, and increase the understanding of technological linkages between economic, business and policy issues.

About Cyberteks Design

Cyberteks Design, a Division of Cyberteks Systems Corporation, headquartered in London, Ontario, Canada with Sales Offices in New York, Washington, Maryland, Virginia, Texas, Florida and Michigan provides E-Commerce, Web Design, Web Hosting and Marketing services.

The company's President, CEO & Chief Creative Director is an internationally recognized and award-winning designer, 13-year-old Keith Peiris of London, Ontario. The company has 10 highly qualified designers and programmers on staff.

Keith Peiris was a member of the Team Canada Trade Mission to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong from February 9-18, 2001.

Cyberteks Design is planning to establish Cyberteks Design (Asia) Ltd in China in August, 2001, US headquarters in Manhattan, New York, Montreal and Toronto branches before the end of 2001.

Keith Peiris, the President & CEO of Cyberteks Design is one of the keynote speakers along with George Bush, Sr., the former President of USA at the XIIth World Productivity Congress to be held from November 5-10, 2001 on Hong Kong.

Keith Peiris has won several web design awards and recognitions from top professionals in the industry, has attracted very large customers from all over North America such as Interep, the largest Radio Advertising Agency in the United States, KEWL Threads, a Hockey Apparel company founded by Shayne Corson & Darcy Tucker of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Rogers Television, University of Western Ontario, Bob Martin's Golf, Radio 20:20 and Regional Market Radio of the United States. Branham300 published in the National Post Magazine of March, 2001 recognized Cyberteks Design among this year's "Top 50 Web Design companies in Canada" for two years in a row. Keith was also featured on the cover page of National Post Business Magazine of April 2000 issue. Furthermore, Cyberteks Design website is featured on the Macromedia Flash Showcase since November 1999 to date. More information about Cyberteks Design can be found on the company web site at http://www.cyberteks.net

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Keith Peiris
President, CEO & Chief Creative Director
Cyberteks Design
A Division of Cyberteks Systems Corporation
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Phone: (519) 649-6572
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