Database Integration & Design

E-Commerce and other applications are key to a business-focused Web site. Our Web applications development process is based on a traditional programming development model. Three deliverables are provided to our clients:

  1. A Concept Analysis Document. The first step of the process is full definition of the business and systems function of the site and application.
  2. A Functional Systems Specification. This is a detailed documentation of the systems design, database, and program structure.
  3. Live System. The final deliverable is a developed database and functional program, integrated into the graphical user interface, that has been developed on a parallel track.

Advanced Programming
Database Creation

E-Commerce success - B2C or B2B - depends on disciplines of design and layout, intuitive user interface, efficient checkout, secure transactions and solid back-end merchandising systems.

Internet technology presents new sales and marketing opportunities as well as challenges, with online strategies clearly differentiated from brick-and-mortar operating principles. Indispensable in maintaining the effectiveness of your site is visitor analysis, a tool we provide that allows you to consistently improve your bottom line by better satisfying customers and optimizing your merchandise mix and presentations.

As we add levels of sophistication to your Web site, our development team will work with your business to ensure smooth integration of the Web site into your business process. We have the experience and knowledge to build a site that will direct and focus customers to your Web site and keep them coming back for more. From simple order forms to sophisticated commerce and merchandising solutions, we can help you achieve your goals.

Advanced Programming
Development of your Web site may require advanced programming or HTML features. These can include:

Secure order forms
Visitor/site analysis applications
Auto mail responders
Dynamically generated pages
Custom CGI scripting
Chat rooms
Streaming audio
Interactive multimedia

Database Creation
Our technical staff works as a team to design, develop and implement sophisticated systems solutions using a wide range of operating systems and technologies.

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