Optical Media Services

This service is provided only to our existing web design and programming customers

CD Duplication
Our partners's CD and DVD duplication facility is absolutely state-of-the-art. We can turn up to 1000 units the same day if necessary. We offer digital, thermal and inkjet printing options.

CD & DVD Replication
We can handle 1000 to 1,000,000+ units in our partner's ISO certified facility. We can offer offset printing. We will set specialized pricing based on volume.

CD Business Cards
We have our own in-house shaping equipment and molds for CD business cards. We offer exceptional quality and pricing.

Custome Shaped CD's
Our in-shaping equipment can produce almost any custom shape. We also have many stock shapes.

Shaping Services
We offer shaping only services for other replication facilities and service bureaus.

CD Printing
We offer a full selection of CD-R and DVD-R print only options including: silkscreen, digital, inkjet and thermal.

CD Duplication
We deliver the highest quality CD and DVD duplication services at an affordable price.

We guarantee quality and fast delivery.

  • Quick Delivery
  • No Mastering Fees
  • Factory Direct

Choose your media...

  • CD-R
  • Mini CD-R
  • DVD-R
  • Floppies

CD Replication

We guarantee quality and fast delivery at an affordable cost.

  • Quick Delivery
  • No Mastering Fees
  • Factory Direct

We can help all the way
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