Team Canada Trade Mission 2001 - Mission Description

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien led the sixth Team Canada trade mission to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong from February 9-18, 2001.
The Prime Minister was joined by Canada's provincial premiers and territorial leaders, International Trade Minister Pierre Pettigrew, Secretary of State (Asia-Pacific) Rey Pagtakhan and a delegation of business people, heads of educational institutions and municipalities and young entrepreneurs.

The Canadian business delegation were drawn from ten priority sectors that were chosen in consultation with the provinces and territories:

ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGIES Products, services and technologies to address air pollution, water treatment, solid and hazardous waste handling and disposal, and environmental monitoring and management.

FOREST, CONSTRUCTION, BUILDING MATERIAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Products and services relating to forestry and value-added wood products; technology, products and services in the residential, commercial and industrial construction, building products sectors.

AGRICULTURE & AGRIFOOD Commodity and value-added products and services relating to primary agriculture (genetics, farming, fertilizer, grains and oilseeds); retail/wholesale processed and packaged foods and beverages; processing and packaging technologies; fish, seafood and shellfish products and related technologies.

INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGIES Telecom switching, management and wireless technologies and services; computers, software, and peripheral products and technologies; products and services related to internet and e-business applications; geomatics and other specialized applications.

EDUCATION TECHNOLOGIES AND CULTURE INDUSTRIES Technology platforms, software and content for education sector applications; publishing and printing; film and animation production.

ENERGY Electric power generation, transmission and management; technologies and services related to oil and gas exploration, development and transport.

TRANSPORTATION Products, services and technologies for aerospace, automotive, rail, shipbuilding and marine industries applications; specialized products and technologies for application in infrastructure development, including airport, highway, urban transportation, and railway sectors; intelligent transportation systems.

MINING AND MINERALS Technologies and services relating to exploration, management and development of mining sector, including non-ferrous and ferrous metals sectors.

FINANCIAL SERVICES Opportunities for banking, life insurance, mutual fund development; specialized financial consulting services.

MEDICAL AND HEALTH SERVICES Health care products and services; medical technologies and devices; specialized management and consulting services related to health sector.