Web Applications

Our team, quite simply, makes it all happen. They write the code that enables people to communicate, collaborate, buy & sell things, research things, publish things, learn things, and just generally do things better and easier on the internet. Our staff fall into two categories:

Multimedia programmers
Database programmers

Multimedia Programming. Working with some of the most exciting web technologies like Macromedia Flash, MP3, and QuickTime, our multimedia programmers seamlessly integrate video, audio, illustration, and text to present your content in the most dynamic way possible.

One of the latest products we developed is the "Customize Your Suit". This product is already is used by three customers. Please click below to have a look at this product.

Ago ERT Suits
Ago ERT Vest
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Database Design & Programming. We can recommend database-driven solutions that address the types of information you will be offering throughout your site, the types of inquiries you will be fielding, and how content gets managed within your organization.

Common Applications: Transitioning from or interfacing with searchable databases, b2b, b2c, and c2c applications, interactive polls and surveys, group calendars, chat rooms, message boards.

We can help all the way
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