It is the 21st century, and social media is the place where you can keep yourself updated about everything going worldwide. After Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is the most popular social media platform that has rave reviews from about 800 million users!
Gaining followers on Instagram has become a kind of rage amongst youngsters nowadays. Also despite being primarily a blogging style fun app, it has now become networking giant, where thousands of individuals and brands do serious content marketing and audience building every day.
When it comes to increase your follower counts, then Instagram can be a friend in a certain way. And perhaps that is why many brands today use it as a marketing tool thus increasing their follower count.
Innovative and constantly upgrading itself, Instagram demands every social media user’s attention. Many people have made to huge follower count by stylizing their insta profiles with the latest designs like the Insta grid and the Insta story.
[Note: The 9 layout grid style has an extra perk where you can extravagantly use hashtags for 9 consecutive grid blocks and thus generate more followers.]
How to get more followers on Instagram? You could take a very quick shortcut and buy instagram followers, but not everyone has the budget.
These are some of the tried and tested ways to get more followers on Instagram:
1. Make the most of your bio:
The bio is the short introduction you have to provide to let people know about you. You can also add relevant URLs to keep your bio interesting. You can post URLs leading to your website and also change them at least once a month to link them to fresher content.

2. Promote your hashtags:
Hashtags are very important to gain followers. You can create a specific hashtag for your brand and add them to each of your posts. Also, apart from making sure that they are featured on your profile, you can take your hashtag game offline and have them printed on memos, your business cards, pamphlets etc.

3. Actively participate in relevant conversations:
You need to try and get on everyone’s radar. One of the easiest ways to do this is to tag your posts with few of the trending hashtags on Instagram so that anyone following those hashtags can see your post. So you should put up a mixture of relevant and popular tags for each post.

4. Customise your page:
You should have your style to get maximum benefits from your page. Getting creative layouts, uniquely publishing your posts and making everything look pretty attracts more followers to your account.

5. Engage with influencers:
Identify the people or brands that influence people you want as followers. You can turn on the notification for their posts, and communicate with them whenever they post something. That way you can become one of their favourite accounts, and subsequently get noticed by their followers.

6. Write interesting captions:
Just posting good pictures might not get you, adequate followers. However, writing interesting captions might do the trick! Try to be eloquent while putting up captions and they can attract new followers easily!
Following these tips will ensure an increase in your number of Instagram followers in no time!